Why Lending is Tightening Up for Commercial Real Estate – Jake Clopton

Jake Clopton is a serial entrepreneur, author, and economist. With a focus in real estate and finance, he is actively involved in various aspect of commercial lending, insurance products, property ownership & management, and is a regular contributor to both print and broadcast media. His current ownership and companies include: Clopton Capital, Clopton Insurance Services, and multitiple apartment communities.

Join Jake Clopton in this episode as he shares valuable insights on what to expect when securing a property in today’s market. Discover the reasons why traditional banks may reject your loan application, and learn about the alternative options available from private banks that are still actively acquiring assets. Jake also provides tips on what to watch out for in the current market, including the potential challenges for new syndicators purchasing properties at high LTVs. Don’t miss out on this informative discussion!

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