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What Happens After Closing, with Gary Lipsky

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Apartment operators often talk about everything that goes into acquiring a property and getting it to the closing table, but not talked about as much is what happens AFTER closing. Today’s guest wanted to change that educate others on the asset management side of the business, so he created his own summit to bring together the best minds in the business to reveal their asset management secrets.

Today’s guest is Gary Lipsky. Before real estate, Gary owned an independent film studio. But in 2013, after renovating and renting out a few single-family homes, Gary decided to sell his business and invest that money in multifamily real estate. Today, Gary’s company has over $17 million in assets under management, mostly in Phoenix and Tuscan.

In 2020, Gary launched his own asset management summit aptly titled Asset Management Summit. The summit was met with tremendous success and featured many of the apartment world’s biggest names. Today’s topics break out some of the knowledge shared at this year’s summit and include: measuring as many data points as possible, working through bottlenecks with property management, improving tenant leads, and much more.