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Virtual Assistants: Unlocking Real Estate Success on a Budget

In this episode, join our host Shawn DiMartile as he sits down with special guest Valerie Shirah, real estate investor and founder of a thriving Virtual Assistant Agency. Valerie shares her remarkable journey from a real estate entrepreneur struggling to handle everything on her own to a savvy business owner leveraging the power of virtual assistants. Discover how Valerie’s decision to hire virtual assistants not only accelerated the growth of her real estate business but also significantly reduced costs compared to hiring full-time employees. Gain valuable insights as Valerie guides professionals through the process of connecting with overseas virtual assistants and delegating tasks effectively. Whether you’re a real estate enthusiast or an entrepreneur looking to optimize your operations, this episode offers practical tips and inspiration for achieving scalability and efficiency in your business. Tune in and learn how virtual assistants can revolutionize your professional life!

Guest Info:

Valerie Shirah




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