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Vertical Integration in Multifamily Development: Reducing Costs for Affordable Housing with Mike Kaeding

Join us on this episode of our podcast as Shawn interviews Mike Kaeding, a multifamily apartment developer who has taken vertical integration to the next level. Mike and his company not only own and manage their properties with their own property management company, but they’ve even designed and developed their own manufacturing facilities for building materials.

This unique approach has allowed Mike and his team to reduce the cost of constructing new rental housing by an astonishing level. Mike’s goal is to continue building systems to reduce costs so his team can provide affordable housing across the county.

In this episode, we dive deep into Mike’s innovative approach, discussing the benefits and challenges of vertical integration in multifamily development. Mike shares his experiences and insights, explaining how his company has been able to save costs and improve efficiency by integrating different aspects of the development process.

Whether you are a seasoned developer or simply interested in affordable housing, this episode offers valuable information and inspiration. Tune in to learn from Mike’s expertise and explore the potential of vertical integration in the multifamily development industry.


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