VA Loans for Small Multifamily Could Be the Best Investment Vehicle in the World – Dre Evans

Dre is on a mission to inspire others and uplift communities through real estate education and leadership. A native of
Chicago, his passion stems from his background as a former gang member. He is a U.S Naval Academy graduate, President
Truman Scholar, and MIT Fellow.

Dre has over 98 doors under management valued at over S13M. He is the Host of the Multifamily By the Slice podcast and co-
hosts the #1 Real Estate meetup in San Diego called “Opportunity Knocks”.

In this episode Dre talks about his investments in San Diego. He shares about his fourplex that he plans to do a cash-out refi and a recent syndication deal. Dre also talks about his background and his “why” for real estate investing.

Connect with Dre:

Website: www.multifamilybytheslice.com

Linktree: drmultifamily

Partner with us: www.pac3capital.com

Follow the show on Instagram: @themultifamilytakeoff