Using Lines of Credit in San Diego Multifamily – Steven Wasylkiw

Steven Wasylkiw is the CEO & Founder of Magna Vita Investments (MVI). He was born in Calgary Alberta, Canada but grew up in Southern California. He graduated from San Diego State University with a Business Degree. Steven is 36 years old and has 10 years worth of real estate experience. His most recent corporate tenure was at a Fortune 200 global risk management firm. Steven believes in investing in real estate to have enough passive monthly income to no longer be dependent on anyone or anything.

In this episode, Steven talks about what its like doing value add multifamily syndication deals in San Diego, CA. He highlights the differences investing in San Diego versus else where. Steven shares insight regarding how much you have to put down and what returns to expect in a market like San Diego. He talks about how he uses personal and business lines of credit to invest in his own deals to give himself more liquidity and capital.

Connect with Steven:

Email: stevenwasylkiw@magnavitainvestments.com

Website: www.magnavitainvestments.com

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