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Ultra Long Distance Investing with Hadar Orkibi

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Many investors, like ourselves, find the need to look out of state to find good real estate investments. Our guest on today’s episode takes that a step further and invests over 7,000 miles out of his home country in order to find good multifamily deals.

Today’s guest is Hadar Orkibi and he lives in New Zealand, but invests in multifamily properties here in the United States. Hadar reached financial freedom by flipping houses and buying small multifamily homes in New Zealand. Hadar wanted to scale into larger multifamily but New Zealand doesn’t have large scale apartment communities like the U.S. does, so he became a U.S. citizen and joined a mentorship group to get his feet wet in American Multifamily investments.

Flash forward a few years and Hadar is now syndicating large apartment deals and coaching for the very mentorship group that he got started with. We bring Hadar on the show to talk to us about the daunting task of operating apartments from so far away. This is an inspiring story that you don’t want to miss. If Hadar can be a professional operator from 7,000 miles away, then what’s stopping you?