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Trading Up Farmland to Multifamily with Levi Allen

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Every investor has to start somewhere. Today’s guest started on a farm in eastern Oregon. Levi Allen grew up in an agricultural family and started his career continuing that tradition with his own farm. However, he was drawn to multifamily real estate and the wealth it could build. He started small with a few duplexes, then completed a 1031 exchange with his farm to acquire a 10 unit. From there, Levi joined a mentorship program to learn how to scale.

Today, Levi has been involved in several hundred units across Texas and Utah. Levi joins us to tell his tale of growing up on a farm and transitioning to such a drastically different business. He also discusses why he likes investing in Utah so much, the specifics of an incredible deal he recently closed on, and what his plans are for the future.