Track Financials and Manage Limited Partners for Your Syndications Easier – Grant Gardner

Grant Gardner has worked at AppFolio Investment Management for the past three years and currently serves as a Manager of Onboarding Services. He’s had the pleasure of working with many clients and seeing how each one is unique in what they do. Grant enjoys everything related to investing in the real estate space and hopes to break into the industry himself someday.

In this episode, Grant talks about all the different tools Appfolio offers to make communications with investors run smoother. From offering an investor portal for tracking financials, to releasing investor distributions, and housing investors inquiries in a CRM system linked to your website – Grant covers it all!

Connect with Grant:

Website: www.appfolioinvestmentmanagement.com

Email: grant.gardner@appfolio.com

Partner with us: www.pac3capital.com

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