Surviving the Bridge Loan Cliff: Advice for Apartment Syndicators – Neal Bawa

Neal Bawa is CEO / Founder at UGro and Grocapitus, two commercial real estate investment companies. Neal’s companies use cutting edge real estate analytics technology to source and acquire OR build large Commercial properties across the U.S., for nearly 800 investors. Current portfolio over 4,800 units, with an AUM value (upon completion) of over $1 Billion. Neal shares his team’s unique and cutting-edge real estate data methodologies to connect with geeky and nerdy (or just data driven) investors who share his vision – That Data beats gut feel by a million miles. Over 10,000 real estate investors have taken his free Real Estate Data Analytics course on udemy.com and the course has over 1,000 five-star reviews. Neal speaks at dozens of real estate conferences across the country and virtually, on the Internet. Over 5,000 investors attend his multifamily webinar series each year and hundreds have attended his Magic of Multifamily boot camps. His facebook and meetup groups have tens of thousands of investors. Neal believes that we are at a turning point, where traditional commercial real estate will combine with Proptech and Fintech technology disruptors, and will truly reach it’s potential as a tradable, highly liquid asset class that will rival and eventually beat the stock market in its size and scope.

Gain valuable insights on future buying opportunities and bridge loan debt risks with multifamily real estate expert Neal Bawa. In this episode, Neal explains what the avatar looks like for operators who may face trouble this year due to bridge loan debt coming due, and where he sees potential opportunities for investors. Don’t miss out on this informative discussion!

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