Story of a 5-Month Escrow & How to Build a Marketing Funnel – Abbas Mohammed

Abbas Mohammed is a real estate investor in over 1500 apartments. He’s in the top 1% of real estate brokers in the US. Abbas started out in the real estate business as a realtor and quickly grew his business to become one of the top agents in the US in a few years. After having delegated his business activities to a high level, he switched his focus to investing in Real Estate and started buying large apartment complexes and raising millions of dollars from investors to invest in key locations and markets that are rapidly growing.

Last year, The Abbas Group completed over 37 Million dollars of acquisitions in multifamily and continues to rapidly grow and invest in high quality locations and properties across different locations!

In this episode, Abbas talks about how he’s approaching his marketing, finding new equity, and the free new e-book he created. He also shares with us an escrow experience that took over a 5 months to close where the lender re-traded terms which changed his leverage and interest rates, causing him to pivot to ensure the deal closed. Also, he talks about how he had to also pivot the $2M private equity to ensure a timely close for investors before year end.

Connect with Abbas:

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