Set Yourself Apart in a Crowd of Apartment Buyers – Juan Vargas

Juan Vargas is an accredited multifamily investor based out of Houston, TX. He has been involved in all aspects of real estate investing within multifamily since 2016. He has transacted on 1,600+ units valued at over $125M throughout Austin, Dallas, Houston and Phoenix and he is a JV partner on an additional 500 units throughout Texas and Georgia. In addition, he is a limited partner on over 1,000 units.

Juan heads operations and asset management at Genwealth Capital Group. He is also heavily involved in acquisitions through broker relationships and strategic partnerships.

In this episode, Juan talks about setting yourself apart and beating out the competition to win deals in a highly competitive market. He talks about his strategies for submitting offers, how they make their offers stand out to be more unique to the broker and seller by inserting their bio, and more. Juan also talks about the importance of networking with brokers and shares his best practices.

Connect with Juan:

Email: juan@genwealthcapital.com

Website: www.genwealthcapital.com

Partner with us: www.pac3capital.com

Follow the show on Instagram: @themultifamilytakeoff