Self-Storage Will Give You Freedom – Masha Klapanova

Masha Klapanova empowers others to get freedom through self-storage investing so your money can make you money while you sleep, travel, or sip fresh coconut water on an island. She is a storage owner-investor-syndicator, a motivational speaker & empowerment coach who, in a short time, went from zero knowledge of this industry to building a powerful team, owning and operating out-of-state self-storage facilities in Texas and North Carolina, having two storage portfolios under contract & project under construction.

In this episode, Masha talks about a unique asset class, self-storage. She talks about how self-storage allowed her to achieve financial freedom and freedom of her time so quickly. Masha talks about how resilient this asset class is through recessions and everything in between. She shares how she found out about this asset class, and how she now adds value to the industry. She is now working on launching her own course to teach others how to achieve financial freedom through self-storage.

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