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Selecting Markets, the Importance of Relationships, and Raising Capital with John Casmon

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Today’s guest is John Casmon. John started like many others, he had a great corporate W-2 job and was working in the career he thought he’d retire in. But then his company went bankrupt, made massive layoff, and he was suddenly faced with the possibility of losing his job.

John decided it was time to make moves and start building a rental portfolio to take control of his future. He slowly built up 13 units using only his and his wife’s money. They realized they needed to partner with others in order to scale, and not long after acquired a 190 unit in Texas by leveraging some newfound partners.

Today, John’s portfolio consists of over 900 units and counting. He sits down with us to discuss how he selects markets, the importance of relationships and mentors, raising capital, and more.

You can learn a ton from John on this episode. Don’t miss it.