Seizing Opportunity with Small Mobile Home Parks & Multifamily- Travis Kipper

Travis Kipper got his start to real estate investing as a child watching his mother and father flip homes. After spending a decade receiving a formal education in business and a career working in academics, Travis fell into real estate investing unexpectedly. In 2017 he purchased his first single family home investment and with the blessing of his wife, walked off his W2 job the same day. Since then Travis has grown his company, Blockhouse Holdings LLC, to 34 rental units between Southern California and Arizona using a variety of creative financing methods. Seller financing, cross-collateralization, seller carry-back loans, and hard money were all used along his journey.
Owning and operating $6,000,000 of assets consisting of Mobile Home Parks, Short-Term Vacation Rentals and traditional apartment complexes was what some might consider baptism by fire. “Seeing what other people don’t” during the purchasing process and taking informed risks have been fundamental principles of his success.

In this episode Travis talks about mindset, different lending options, advantages of refinancing on a DSCR loan, and seller finance deals.

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