Scaling to 3,200+ Units By Building The Right Team – Kim Radaker Bays

Kimberly Radaker Bays has been managing and overseeing Exponential Property Group and its associated companies, with a focus primarily on multifamily Real Estate, for the past seven years. She has grown Exponential Property Group from 2 employees to more than 160 in that time. Her leadership helped to complete six transactions where properties were purchased, rehabbed, leased up and sold to provide a capital gains exceeding 100% in three years or less, to the partnership. She currently leads fourteen properties totaling over 4800 units and is always seeking more. Prior to her involvement in multifamily real estate she was involved with creating and running her family’s single family rental portfolio and house flipping activities. Prior to starting her real estate career Kim was a consultant with over ten years of experience in virtually all areas of qualified retirement plan design and administration.  Kim is a graduate of the University of Iowa with a major in finance and concentrations in accounting and economics. She lives with her husband Matt, twin sons, James and Nathan, and her step-son Jett in Southlake, Texas.

In this episode Kim talks about getting started in multifamily real estate 11 years ago in the Dallas Fort Worth area by tapping into her 401k retirement account and leveraging her financial service background. Kim began by joining a mentorship program and syndicating apartment deals. She talks about where we are in the market cycle, interest rates, and where cap rates are headed. Kim also gets into a deal deep dive on one of her assets which was a heavy lift. Lastly, she talks about building your team and what tasks should be delegated first.

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