Scaling a Multifamily Business with Duplexes and Triplexes Using Tenants in Common (TIC) – Vince Rodriguez

Vince has been in the technology industry since 2012. Previously, he has worked for a nano materials and technology company which developed catalysts for ammonia production and primary zinc air batteries. Since 2017 he has been working as a mechanical engineer developing and designing bipolar energy devices for a medical device company in Orange County. He has been named inventor in several patents in both companies and has also been featured in the OC register for upcoming young scientists in 2013. Vince has a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Wichita State University, Kansas.
Vince started his multifamily career with his partner back in 2018. Their first acquisition was a duplex in Bakersfield that went horribly wrong right out the gate. Over the first six months, they were bleeding money and looking for a way out, but they stuck with it and were able to convince their problem tenants to leave using an interesting strategy that you’ll never guess. Today, that property is cash flowing well and their portfolio has grown to 30 units. Vince has found a way to continue raising capital to grow his portfolio by structuring his deals as a Tenants in Common (TIC). Vince breaks down exactly what TIC is and why it can be preferable for some investors. He also details the difference in residential lending versus commercial lending and why TIC became so necessary for him to grow. Don’t miss this episode so you can learn how it’s possible to start smaller and grow quickly.
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