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Retired 6th Grade Teacher Living Off $20K/month in Cash Flow- Bryce Stewart

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Get good grades, go to college, take student loans, get a good job, and sit in a cubicle for 40 years. Like everyone else he knew, Bryce Stewart believed this was the only realistic economic life plan. But through real estate investing, he was able to retire from the 9-to-5 at age 35. He now spends his days with his wife and four daughters, free from the bondage of a traditional job. He loves to golf, supports Young Life, is involved at his church, tosses a mean frisbee, coaches his daughters’ lacrosse teams, plays guitar too loud, takes his wife on adventurous vacations and is an avid reader.

He hopes to inspire and instruct others to follow a similar path toward Financial Freedom while they are still young enough to enjoy it!

In this episode we discuss investing in short term rentals, building ADU’s (additional dwelling units), creative financing to increase cash flow, 1031 exchanges, syndications, Bryce’s famous slogan: “Vacuum Your Truck”, Bryce’s two biggest mistakes in real estate investing, Bryce’s new book: “House Hackers- Guide to the Galaxy” – Use your home to make millions and retire early, and much more!

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