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Real Estate Mastery: Harnessing AI, Degrees of Freedom, and Streamlined Operations

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Derek Clifford is a multifamily real estate investor, fund manager, author and host of the “3 Degrees of Freedom” podcast. He retired from his corporate job in September 2021 and now controls over $50M AUM and 400+ apartment units through his company, Elevate Equity. His mission is to help corporate employees and self-employed entrepreneurs achieve the three degrees of freedom: location, time, and financial, one degree at a time, by purchasing, improving, and operating cash flowing multifamily real estate in the Midwest and South.

Derek’s book, “Part-Time Real Estate Investing for Full-Time Professionals,” published in 2020, helps readers grow their passive income while maintaining their full-time corporate job. He also assists others in refining their internal processes, shrinking workdays, and focusing on efficient email, integrations, and project management software practices.

Derek and his wife, Sophie, travel the world while running their businesses and real estate portfolios, calling “home” wherever their current AirBNB’s are booked. They’ve visited Canada, Portugal, England, Ireland, Greece, Iceland, Norway, Italy, Japan, and over 20 states in the USA. Derek has a passion for breaking down complex ideas into easy-to-explain topics and enjoys helping others achieve financial independence. In his spare time, Derek relaxes with his wife, bikes, hikes, reads, and takes on small household construction projects.

Join us as Derek shares insights on achieving time freedom, leveraging automation and delegation for a one-hour workday in real estate. Discover the benefits of investing outside your local market, using AI tools to identify promising markets, and building systems with virtual assistants. Accelerate your real estate success with strategic approaches, AI tools, and efficient systems. Don’t miss out on the valuable insights and takeaways from this episode!

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