Real Estate is Not a Millionaires Game with Navy Veteran – Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly recently separated from the US Navy as an active duty Chief Petty Officer. He resides where he served his final tour, Pensacola, Florida. There, he was instructing flight students on water survival, engine systems, leadership, mindset, ethics, and professional development.

His last few years in the Navy, Tim was also aggressively investing in Multifamily real estate projects. Now, Senior Managing Partner of Kelly Housing Group, he invests in and syndicates both residential & multifamily properties in the affordable and workforce housing spaces with a focus on apartment communities, mobile home communities, and storage facilities.

As VP of Education for the online community, Active Duty Passive Income, he helps mentor and educate other past and present military members on how to build wealth, and own more of America, the land they fight so hard for

In this episode Tim talks about the importance of your mindset in regards to strategic investing. He shares his experience of accumulating 1200 units while working an active duty navy job. You will gain lots of info and strategies pertaining to your mindset after listening to this episode.