Pursuing Commercial Real Estate While on Active Duty – Hersh Rai

Hersh Rai is a managing member of RaiVu and an active real estate investor focusing on apartments and manufactured housing communities. He primarily leads acquisitions and oversees investor relations. With any investment, he hopes to improve the quality of life for the tenants, provide favorable returns for his investors, and continue to work alongside experienced partners. He began real estate investing, with his partner Nicholas Vu, while attending graduate school in the Midwest. Beyond real estate investing, Hersh is an active duty Naval Officer who specializes in meteorology and oceanography. Currently, he is serving out of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Hersh holds a dual B.S. in Computer Science and Information Technology from the United States Naval Academy. In addition, he holds a M.S. in Computer and Information Technology from Purdue University. Hersh’s AUM totals $3.65M consisting of 114 units.

In this episode Hersh talks about multifamily investing, mobile home pad investing, Aribnb investing as an active duty officer in the Navy while living in Hawaii. Hersh shares how he leverages help from his main partner who lives on the mainland in the US and will co-GP deals with other experienced operators.

Connect with Hersh:

LinkedIn: Hersh Rai

Website: www.raivucapital.com

Partner with us: www.pac3capital.com

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