Providing Value to Build Better Relationships – Hayden Harrington

Hayden Harrington is a real estate entrepreneur focused on large-scale multifamily syndications. He currently has $85MM AUM and actively growing the portfolio. He is one of the managing partners at Momentum Multifamily, a commercial real estate group focused on buying institutional quality assets for their investors.

In this episode Hayden talks about the beginning of his career in real estate investing and how he got to where he is today. He shares how he exchanged value to someone already in the business to get his foot in the door. Hayden talks about how he studied obsessively to sharpen his knowledge while leveraging his background in flipping houses.

Connect with Hayden:

Website: www.momentummultifamily.com

Email: hayden@momentummultifamily.com

Partner with us: www.pac3capital.com

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