Pivoting From Limited Partner to General Partner in Apartment Syndications- Rebecca Moore

Rebecca Moore is the Co-Founder and CEO of Starboard Equity and a real estate investor since 2014. She has bought and sold over 2200 commercial multifamily real estate units and has syndicated the acquisition of four properties with over 500 units as a General Partner.

Rebecca’s story is one of powerful determination and persistence. She shares how she hired a mentor, learned to underwrite, built relationships with brokers and investors to help her win and fund deals in Texas while living in California, all while managing a full-time psychology practice! Now, she is free from her job.

She moved from sunny San Diego to Dallas to commit to the tremendous DFW multifamily market and create more investment opportunities. She created Starboard Equity to help others accelerate their path to financial freedom by investing in Multifamily properties.

In this episode Rebecca talks about how she and her husband got into multifamily, what techniques they’ve adopted to create value add through improving the aesthetic of their properties, and how they raise capital.

Connect with Rebecca:

Website: www.starboardequity.com

LinkedIn: Rebecca Moore Buller

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Facebook: Rebecca Moore Buller

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