Path to 2x National Apartment Owner of The Year – Robert Martinez

Robert Martinez holds an Engineering Degree from Texas A&M University and is the only two-time winner of the National Apartment Association Independent Rental Owner of the Year Paragon Award. Under Robert’s visionary leadership, Rockstar Capital has earned 19 city, state and national apartment awards and was named #15 in the Houston Business Journal’s “Fast 100” fastest growing companies. Rockstar Capital currently manages 4,849 total units across 24 apartment communities. Robert shares a passion for soccer with his two boys Ryan and Conner and enjoys supporting their daily efforts in local club soccer.

In this episode, Robert talks about what led him to real estate approximately 10+ years ago and the journey to becoming a 2x National Apartment Owner of the Year award winner. Robert shares his philosophy that allowed him to grow his portfolio to over 5000 units. He also discusses his 6, 12, and 18 month predictions with us.

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