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Passive Investing Tips with Travis Watts

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Have you been contemplating investing passively in an apartment syndication? We brought on veteran passive investor Tavis Watts to discuss the many facets of passively investing in apartments.

Travis Watts is an investor and leader in the real estate industry. He has been investing in real estate since 2009 in multi-family, single-family and vacation rentals.

Travis’s first experience making money from real estate was from house hacking. He quickly realized he wanted to build up enough cash flow to quit his job and live his life on his terms. His mind was opened to apartment syndications, and he realized he could leverage the experience of best-in-class operators to invest his money and produce cash flow to support his lifestyle.

Travis has invested passively in over 30 syndications. We brought him on the show to discuss how he conducts due diligence on sponsors/operators, what his personal criteria are for multifamily investments, advice for those wanting to passively invest, and much more.

Don’t miss this episode if you have any intention of ever investing passively.