New Hampshire Solo Acquisitions to Florida Syndications – Axel Ragnarsson

Axel developed an early interest in real estate investing and purchased his first multifamily property in college. He spent the next few years building and scaling his portfolio by focusing on finding great deals, creative financing, and effective operations. As he grew his business, he was consistently asked by family and friends how they could get involved in what his company was doing. As a result, Axel founded Aligned Real Estate Partners, launched with the objective of helping busy professionals effortlessly earn passive income through investing in real estate.
Since its inception, Aligned Real Estate Partners has been a principal party in $27M+ worth of transactions and currently owns over 300 units of multifamily real estate valued at $30M+. Axel also hosts The Multifamily Wealth Podcast, one of the most highly rated podcasts in the industry, where he interviews real estate investors and dissects how they started, built, and scaled their businesses.
In this episode Axel talks about getting started in multifamily investing particularly in c-class level deals. He also talks about repositioning heavy value add deals. Axel shares his experiences taking occupancy to almost zero to reposition the tenant class and challenges involved with doing this. Lastly, he tells us a crazy story where a resident shot himself in the hand.

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Email: info@alignedrep.com

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