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NCAA All American Football Player Builds an 878 Unit Portfolio – Justin Spaulding

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Justin Spaulding has been active in real estate since 2009. In 2012 he founded SG Realty, LLC. Since then he has raised more than $12,800,000 of 3rd party investor funds and successfully invested 100% of funds into cash flow producing property – his largest being a 199 unit apartment community. Justin is the President & CEO of Spaulding Group – the management company, which began in 2016 and provides real estate management services to all the above-mentioned real estate holdings. Justin’s current portfolio consists of 878 multifamily units worth more than $128M. 

Justin was a NCAA All American football player at the University of Dubuque (Iowa) and is an inductee of the University of Dubuque Athletic Hall of Fame.

In this episode we discuss Justin’s background as a college football running back, what led him to real estate, his first 88 unit deal, how he structures his business, his property management company, what his team looks like, why he focuses on acquisitions and raising capital, insurance claims, his biggest mistakes as an investor, and much more!

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