Multifamily Syndication Deep Dive & Analysis – Steven Louie

Steven is a Managing Partner at Vertical Street Ventures, where he is responsible for acquisitions, sourcing capital, and building key strategic partnerships. As the founder of Vertical Street Ventures, he focuses his time on revenue-generating activities for the firm through Multifamily real estate acquisitions.

Steven worked his corporate career in the Benefits / Consulting industry where he held various executive and sales leadership roles at Mercer and MetLife. As a Partner at Mercer, Steven was the Southern CA Office Leader for Mercer’s Health, Wealth, and Human Capital Consulting practices. Prior to Mercer, he worked for 16 years at MetLife, where he led the organization in Group Institutional Sales as a Client Executive and a Sales Leader. Steven started his career as a group insurance underwriter and graduated with a Finance degree from California State University Fullerton.

He has grown his Multifamily portfolio to over 2,500+ units across 4 states (AZ, CA, FL, TX) and has a keen focus on acquisitions and building key partner relationships across the market. In his spare time, he enjoys the “need for speed” as he shifts gears around a race track. Steven also enjoys vacationing with his wife, Rebecca, and two daughters.

In this episode Steven talks about how he got started in multifamily investing through his mentor and how that resulted in him scaling his portfolio quickly. He shares how he got off market deals in Phoenix and Tucson metros. Steven talks about debt structures and why he prefers bridge debt vs. yield maintenance.

Connect with Steven:

Website: www.verticalstreetventures.com

Partner with us: www.pac3capital.com

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