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Multifamily Investing from Anywhere in the World- Suzy Sevier & Michael Barnhart

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Suzy Sevier and Michael Barnhart are the husband-and-wife team behind Adventurous Real Estate Investors, a multifamily firm dedicated to helping avid travelers and adventure seekers create passive income and time freedom through apartment building investing. Suzy and Michael got interested in real estate during the lockdown, and in nine months, they have attended 10 virtual events, booked 600 networking calls, put together an experienced team and built a portfolio of 188 units—all while living in the UK!

In this episode of The Multifamily Takeoff podcast, Suzy and Michael discuss how they got started in real estate, how they attended 10 virtual conferences during the pandemic, how they acquired their first 88 unit deal, raising capital, asset managing while living in another country, and much more!

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