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Mindset, Goals, Vision, Intention and Giving with Rod Khleif

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How much of your success is tied to your mindset? If you ask today’s guest, he’d tell you ALL OF IT!

Today we brought on the one and only Rod Khleif. Rod lost everything in the market crash in 2008; $50 million in real estate.  He lost his beach-front mansion, his Mercedes… all the stuff that ultimately doesn’t matter, but that is quite painful to lose. He’d made the mistake of buying single family homes to hold long term and cross collateralize them with my multifamily properties. The multifamily properties did fine, but the single-family homes pulled his entire portfolio down.

Since losing it all, Rod has rebuilt his real estate empire into one of the largest multifamily portfolios around. He now has an even bigger and better beach-front mansion, more cars, and more of his goals realized.

Rod talks with us today about the mindset it takes to lose it all, then get back out there and rebuilt. He talks about determining exactly what you want, with clarity, and setting consequences for not reaching those goals.