Meet Our Mentor – Tony Azar

Tony is the Chief Executive Officer of MACC Venture Partners. His focus is on acquisitions, repositioning, and management of all real estate holdings and projects. Tony manages and oversees the complete process of identifying, analyzing, acquiring, managing, marketing, and syndicating all properties. Tony started in Real Estate in 2003 and has a history of success as an entrepreneur.

In 2009, Tony launched Capstone MultiFamily Group, a family-operated property management firm that owns and manages over 4,000 units consisting of apartment and office complexes in over 15 markets throughout the Southeast. Tony attended North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina in Charlotte where he studied Electrical Engineering, Analysis & Design (EAD).

In this episode, Tony talks about how he built a portfolio of over 8,000 units after immigrating to America from Syria. We ask Tony about today’s market, moving forward, mistakes to avoid, and where opportunity lies.

Connect with Tony:

Email: tony@maccvo.com

Partner with us: www.takeoffcapital.co

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