Measuring the right value add strategy for your reposition project – Dax Ferguson

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Dax Ferguson is the owner of Heritage Construction & Consulting Services, a full service construction, remodel, and restoration contractor. Dax is the father of 9 boys, with over 20 years of experience in the construction business. What Dax likes best about his job isn’t solitude; it’s solidarity. He loves meeting with clients, especially working alongside those in need of restoration after a disaster. Along with that, Dax has also been active in multifamily real estate since 2008.

In this episode we discuss Dax’s expertise in multifamily value add investing. Dax’s company Heritage CCS acts as a one stop shop for multifamily investors looking to implement value add strategy. Dax does his due diligence by walking the property with his team, he will provide details regarding issues with the property, give bids for the scope of work, address both interior and exterior improvements to be made. He talks about how to get the biggest bang for buck and which levers to pull for interior and exterior improvements. This episode has valuable information for anyone who’s doing value add multifamily investing.

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