Leveraging Partners and Co-Sponsors to do More Deals – Elisa Zhang

Elisa Zhang is the owner and principal of over $600M in multifamily apartment buildings. She is also a mother of two kids, an artist, an educator, and the breadwinner of her family.

Elisa reached her financial independence retire early goal in 2019, 9 years after her first real estate investment, quitting her corporate IT full time career to focus on real estate and living her best life. She is on a mission to help others have the financial freedom to retire early from their jobs and make money while they sleep by investing in real estate.

She provides in depth advice and education on financial independence, real estate investing, generating passive income, mindset hacks, and productivity hacks through EZ FI (Financial Independence) University.

In this episode Elisa talks about having to back out of her first syndication deal and having to return all of her investor capital. She shares her thoughts on the market, cap rates, and how she makes deals work in today’s climate with interest rates rising.

Connect with Elisa:

Website: www.ezfiuniversity.com

YouTube: EZ Financial Independence University

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