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Leveraging Apartments to be able to Quit his Air Traffic Control job with Barry Flavin

In this episode we sit down with fellow Detroit Tracon air traffic controller Barry Flavin, also Managing Partner of New Mission Capital. Like many of us, Barry quickly realized working 30 + years at a W-2 job just wasn’t how he wanted to live his time on this Earth. Barry did what most would American’s look down upon cashing out his retirement accounts and 401K to begin investing in single family cash flow homes. After building a sizable portfolio of single family homes, he realized transitioning to multifamily was going to be the quickest path to quitting his job. Barry partnered with then air traffic controller and former American Eagle pilot Joshua Sterling to form New Mission Capital. Joshua began investing in multifamily a few years prior and had already been able to quit his air traffic job. Today Josh and Barry own more than 650 apartment units and Barry is expecting to be able to quit his ATC job in the coming year while still in his mid-30’s.

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