Leveraging a Construction Background to Invest in Real Estate Deals – Tyler Watkins

Tyler Watkins is a third-generation real estate & construction entrepreneur that has worked on development & acquisition projects within the grocery-anchored retail, hotel & theme park, and non-institutional multifamily segments of the real estate industry.  He has purchased & sold over $10,000,000 worth of apartments located throughout the state of Arizona, where he also owns short-term rentals, aside from his SFR in coastal California markets.
Tyler also holds a General Contractor license and is a licensed Real Estate Broker within the state of California, where he started The Orange County Interlocking Paver Co. from his bootstraps, which has now become one of Orange County’s most well-known hardscape & pool remodel companies.
Mr. Watkins resides in Orange County, where he is expanding his construction company, finishing up some personal residential projects, and is counting down the days until his first-born son is due on September 12.

In this episode Tyler talks about a 8 bedroom compound that he’s renovating into STRs in Lake Havasu, a few multifamily deals he’s invested in Phoenix area, and another cool project in the Orange Country area.

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