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Investing Passively in almost 4,000 units to Lead Sponsor with Darin Batchelder

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Darin Batchelder has been in the whole loan trading business for the past 16 years. He is responsible for trading in excess of $4 billion in loan sales. Darin is the owner of TZK Capital. TZK Capital is focused on trading high credit quality performing real estate loan portfolios between banks to include residential, multifamily and commercial real estate loans. Prior to TZK Capital, Darin was with ABN AMRO’s Mortgage Capital Markets group and was responsible for trading ABN AMRO’s jumbo residential, CRA conforming residential and multifamily loans direct to other third party banks. He worked with Computer Associates and in a sales capacity. He achieved CPA status with PriceWaterhouse and worked within PepsiCo’s domestic and international audit divisions. He has a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting from The University of Rhode Island.

Darin has invested as a Limited Partner in almost 4,000 apartment units across 14 properties.  About a year ago he successfully raised $2,500,000 and closed on a 77 unit deal as a Lead Sponsor.  In this episode Darin discusses his journey and what it’s like to invest passively for the first time, Multifamily Investing vs. Stock Market, the power of surrounding yourself with like minded individuals to achieve big goals, his transition to lead sponsor and what it was like doing his first equity raise with a deep dive into his 77 unit deal, and much more!