How To Approach Buying In A Recession – Anna Kelley

Anna is a seasoned real estate investor, actively renovating, selling & renting:  single family & vacation rentals, small multifamily & commercial properties, and large apartment complexes. Through her own holdings and as a General Partner, Anna has ownership in and asset manages a portfolio of rental real estate valued over $160 Million in GA, PA & TX.  She has also invested in over 2000 multifamily units as a Limited Partner.

Anna educates others on the strong, passive returns available through investing in multifamily real estate, and actively seeks out value-add multifamily apartment projects for herself and her partners.

She was most recently a General Partner of an $80M Multifamily Apartment acquisition.

In this episode, Anna talks about being cautious during uncertain economic times and investors’ exuberant optimism in the current market. She has spent lots of time studying recessions and market conditions and educates us throughout this episode.

Connect with Anna:

Instagram: @annakelleyinvesting

Websites: www.reimom.com & www.greaterpurposecapital.com

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