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Hiring, Firing, and Creating a Property Management Company with Ryan Wehner

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Do you love your property manager? Do you dislike your property manager? Or, are you somewhere in between? Hiring and firing a property manager is a difficult decision. Today’s guest has hired, fired, and even created his own massive property management company. Our guest today is Ryan Wehner, owner of Wehner Multifamily. Ryan joins us to discuss multiple topics regarding hiring and firing property managers, and what it takes to be a good one.

Ryan knew right out the gate that he wanted to be in real estate. After graduating college he secured a good job as a financial analyst, but instead of allowing his lifestyle to increase, he lived in a trailer in an industrial park and saved his money in order to buy small multifamily properties.

Ryan continued to build his portfolio and moved to Texas, where he saw the enormous potential for growth. Not long after building a sizeable portfolio he decided it was time to fire his property manager and take over the management side himself. He formed Wehner Multifamily and began on an exponential growth period unlike any you’ve ever heard. Since 2005 he has built his property management portfolio to over 28,000 units, with a little over 1,000 of those owned by him individually.

Wehner multifamily has grown to be a full-service multifamily property management company. Today, they source material from China for their owners to save money during rehab, they provide the contractors, design, and much more.

Ryan joins us to discuss how Wehner Multifamily came to be, what separates a good property manager from a bad one, when the right time to fire a property manager is, how to fire a property manager, how to treat customers, and much much more.