Growing From Limited Partner to General Partner – Christine Bellish

Christine Bellish and her husband Danny, are married business partners, co-founders of The Bellish Team, a real estate investing firm dedicated to helping passive investors preserve and build wealth through strategic real estate acquisitions. As former NYC advertising executives, they spent 15 years managing multi-million dollar marketing budgets for some of Fortune 500’s most recognizable brands, but decided to pivot into real estate in 2018 in pursuit of more passive income. In 2021, in their first eight months as general partners, they raised $3M in private capital from passive investors. Today they are principals for a net lease fund, general partners for 696 units, and equity partners for 1,111 units total across six states (NJ, OH, TX, WV, AR, PA).

Are you interested in transitioning from LP to GP in the world of investing? Listen in as Christine shares her journey and expert insights on how to do it successfully! Learn how to become a passive investor first, ask the right questions, and ultimately become a lead sponsor on your own deal.

Connect with Christine:

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