Ground Up Development And Accessory Dwelling Units – Tim Wright

Tim Wright, P.E. is the Founder of Peak Realty Partners, an investment management firm, and WRIGHT Management Inc. which performs construction management, development management, and real estate management services. He is a licensed Professional Civil Engineer, and a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited professional. After two decades of experience in construction management and real estate development he assists Clients in the art of creating incredible real estate projects using construction and design acumen, project management, building operations, and real estate project development skills and expertise. He’s involved in all aspects of conceptual design, project financing, project scheduling, and real estate management acting as Executive Lead and Managing Partners on Real Estate Developments. He is a graduate of Auburn University in Civil Engineering.

In this episode Tim talks about investing primarily in the multifamily space, building ADUs, buying land deals and doing ground up construction, leasing units and refinancing them into long-term loans.

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