“Going Against the Grain” to Build a $2 Billion Real Estate Portfolio – Swapnil Agarwal

Swapnil Agarwal is responsible for strategic planning, investment decisions, and overseeing all aspects of the company’s operations, financing activities, and investor relations. He has over 15 years of financial/investment experience with over 12 years of experience in real estate globally. Swapnil began his career in energy investment banking at Simmons & Company before joining Forum Partners, an international real estate private equity firm with over $5.0 billion in assets where he focused on originating, structuring, and executing real estate investments in the Asia Pacific region.

He was personally responsible for closing deals in companies worth $3.0+ billion in India, China, Australia, and Korea with total equity deployed of $600+ million. Swapnil was most recently the Head of Alternative Investments at Virtus Real Estate Capital in Austin, Texas. At Virtus, Swapnil was responsible for multi-family assets across the United States. Swapnil graduated with honors from the University of Texas at Austin with a BBA in Finance.

In this episode Swapnil talks about how his entire business model is going against the crowd. He has been ceasing opportunities that most people have been running away from due to Covid like student housing and senior housing. He’s leveraged his buying power to take advantage of these overlooked opportunities while others have been chasing multifamily value add deals. He also shares how he uses his ability to purchase portfolios to wholesale or flip apartments in a really short time. Swapnil bought 4 properties in Las Vegas and sold them 6 months later while doubling his investors money. He has maintained his IIR of over 30% throughout his entire career. He has over 20,000 units and 2 billion in transactions under contract with a mix of multifamily, student housing, and senior housing units.

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