From Wallstreet Worker to Multifamily Maven – Ryan Nunes

Ryan Nunes was the leading commodity derivatives salesperson at Wall Street banks for 13 years. He transitioned to multifamily in 2019 and is a general partner in $64 MM of assets and a passive investor in 3,195 units across Texas, Florida, Arizona, Georgia and Ohio.

He is the founder of Life Changing Capital, a Houston, TX based Commercial Real Estate Private Equity firm and takes an institutional, transparent and hands on approach to multifamily.

In this episode Ryan talks about the difference and correleations between the stock markets and multifamily. Ryan also touches on where we are today with interest rates. He talks about where the market is headed and why he’s deciding to sell some deals. Lastly, Ryan speaks about inflation.

Connect with Ryan:

Website: www.lifechangingcapital.com

Partner with us: www.pac3capital.com

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