From Executive Assistant to Hotel Investor In Just 1 Year – Victoria Rose

Victoria Rose is a solution-driven Executive Assistant, turned serial entrepreneur, specializing in creating revolutionary virtual business and workforce solutions for entrepreneurs and administrative professionals alike through Executives Extension™ and Virtual Victorias™, respectively. She is a positive and friendly natured, team player who is proactive, adaptive, detail-oriented, well-connected and excels under pressure when identifying creative and effective solutions to clients’ pain points. Victoria is an advocate and avid demonstrator of integrity, discretion, and confidentiality in support of high-profile clients. She is an alumnus of Seton Hall University, Fortune 500 industry groomed, administrative professional with over ten years experience supporting c-suite level executives. Victoria well versed in providing consultation and revision of written work for senior management. She has been recognized for the ability to provide complete operational oversight of an entrepreneur’s professional and personal lifestyle, ensuring continuity in both.

In this episode, Victoria talks about how she was first introduced to the real estate industry as being born into a real estate brat family. She shares her story of converting her first property into an Airbnb and then selling it a few months later to capitalize on the equity. Victoria is now one of our largest investors in The Tides Inn hotel deal we just acquired. Listen for a very relatable story that proves anyone can be an investor!

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