From Commercial Broker to Short-Term Rental Operator Living in South America – Tim Hubbard

Tim Hubbard started his career in real estate as an investment broker selling multi-family and commercial properties in Northern California. He worked with a small team of five who completed cumulatively over $2 billion in transactions. He has been personally investing in real estate for the last 10 years and has since acquired a multi-million dollar portfolio comprised primarily of small multi-family properties in multiple markets.

He has traveled extensively throughout the world in over 70 countries and stayed in hundreds of different short-term rental accommodations. About five years ago he realized the high returns that could be made from converting properties into furnished short-term rentals and renting them by the night.
He founded and acts as CEO for Midtown Stays, a short-term rental accommodation company which has successfully accommodated over 15,000 guests with excellent reviews from all over the world. He continues to expand with the help of his teams and manages everything remotely from his home in Medellin, Colombia. He also teaches others to do the same and shows them how they can successfully increase their income 3,4, or even 8x by implementing the right strategies to convert existing long term rentals into nightly rentals through his live events and podcast.

He holds a degree in International business and an MBA from the University California of Davis and is co-founder of the amazon best selling book “Resilience, turning your setback into a comeback.”

In this episode Tim talks about his short-term rental strategy. How he collects upwards of 5x what he would make on long-term rentals. Also, how he built up his team of virtual assistants and manages their roles. What markets he invests in and why. His international investments and the challenges associated with international properties.

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