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Foreign Investors and Creative Deal Structure with Matthew Owen

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If you’re in the multifamily real estate business you likely need or have a desire to raise capital on a continuous basis. Most raise money from friends and family, but do you know anyone raising money from out of the country? Today’s guest has a Rolodex of investors living in Japan that he raises capital from to fund his multifamily deal. Listen in to learn how he does it.

Today’s guest is Matthew Owens. Matthew used to be a CPA. After seeing so many clients making enormous profits in multifamily real estate he realized he was sitting on the wrong side of the table. Matthew started investing in smaller multifamily properties, less than 50 units typically, and using money from investors in Japan to fund his deals.

Matthew talks with us about how he was able to meet and work with foreign investors, how he structures the deals with those investors, how he acquires deals out of state and leverages hungry real estate entrepreneurs to do the work, and much much more.

This is an episode you can’t miss.