Failing Your Way To Success – Brian Orr

Brian Orr was a licensed financial professional before the 08 crash. However, he was financially illiterate and knew nothing about saving, spending, or investing opportunities beyond his company’s offered funds. He then traveled internationally as a DJ and happened to stumble across real estate by accident. At the time he had escaped a mound of bad debt and saved to invest. Brian split $90,000 into 3 chunks of money, put one in the market, one in a restaurant in Spain, and one into real estate. While losing nearly 100% in the first two, he has turned the other $30,000 into nearly $1,000,000 using real estate. His motto is “Failing is Fantastic” and he’s on a mission to spread the word!
In this episode, Brian talks about mistakes made early on in his real estate career and how he’s failed his way to his now success.

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