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DIY Multifamily with David Grabner

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Today’s guest is one of those people that prefers to do things himself. It’s why his Instagram handle is @diy_landlord. He’s continued to purchase multifamily properties with his money, manage them himself, and even handle the maintenance himself. His name is David Grabner, and he’s someone you can learn a thing or two from.

David Grabner started in real estate 6 years ago when he bought a small multifamily with his Dad. Ever since then he’s had one goal, cash flow. He’s grown his portfolio exponentially over the course of the last six years and now owns around 170 units, and he’s accumulated all those without ever syndicating.

So how does he do it? Listen in and find out. He’ll tell you why he has such a DIY mindset, how he’s afforded all those deals, why he prefers not to syndicate, and how much longer he can go doing all this himself. Don’t miss this episode!