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Dark Days Ahead and How To Prepare for Them With Bill Ham

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There’s a lot of forces at work in the apartment marketplace right now that are making it more difficult to find good deals. Lending requirements are tightening, more buyers are in the marketplace, cap rates continue to compress, covid is still around making everyone’s life harder, and rent collections have seen a dip in some assets. Today’s guest believes this is all pointing to a drop in the market, in particular the market for older assets. Bill Ham joins us today to explain why he thinks a lot of operators are going to suffer in the months ahead.

Bill Ham is an apartment owner/operator who’s been in this business through more than one economic cycle, including the 2008 crash, and what he’s seeing today leads him to believe there’s dark days ahead. Bill wrote the book on creative financing, and argues that buyers will need to get creative in their deal structure to make it work. Listen in and find out what Bill recommends.