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Crushing it in Michigan with Josh Sterling

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Today’s guest is Josh Sterling. Josh is the founder of Epic Property Management, where he owns and manages a portfolio of over 1,000 units in Southgate, Michigan.

Josh started his career as an airline pilot. One day he showed up to work to find a letter in his mailbox that stated his pay would be cut in half in order to help keep the company afloat. Josh knew he had to make a change and take more control over his financial well-being.

He changed careers to air traffic control and simultaneously started building a portfolio of single-family homes. It didn’t take long for him to make the foray into multifamily and begin scaling his operation to a point of achieving real financial freedom. Josh was eventually able to quit his air traffic control job and now works exclusively on his multifamily business.

Listen in and hear Josh’s story, and learn how you can replicate his success!