Credit Card Investor to $5M Fund – Nathan Guinane

Nathan Guinane brings an entrepreneur’s eye to the real estate investment space. For the better part of a decade, Nate has successfully invested in and developed single, multi-family homes, and apartment buildings. He has been especially adept at extracting value from properties in need of rehabilitation or more effective managerial practices, and has an exemplary track record of enhancing property values and return on investments.

His entrepreneurial spirit has been nurtured through his efforts as a Co-Founder of Appzeeny. Appzeeny was developed as an in-house Android app store that houses an unlimited library of games free of advertising and in-app purchases in order to maximize the game playing experience. Nate’s game playing experience isn’t relegated to the digital arena.

In this episode, Nathan talks about pivoting from single family investments into raising money for funds. He talks about how his first investor invested with a zero % interest credit card. Nathan talks about the pros and cons of funds, why he pivoted to funds, and conversations he typically has with investors who share their objections and fears.

Connect with Nathan:

Email: nathan@divergentfund.com

Website: www.divergentfund.com

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